Sarah Abedin

Prior to contacting UFH Services, I’d had a couple of people (a general electrician and another specific underfloor heating company) look at my broken underfloor heating, but neither of them could give me any reason for why it would work! The second company wanted a lot of money to come back with the right equipment, with no guarantee that they’d be able to fix the problem. UFH Services didn’t need a callout before the actual visit to fix my heating (so no callout fee, and no need to take extra time off work), and quoted less than half the money.

The engineer arrived half an hour early to check he’d found the right house, then went away until the actual appointment time – the time convenient to me. He pinpointed the problem to one floorboard, so only a small section needed to be taken up. The problem was with the installation, and the heating was completely unfixable. For that reason UFH Services gave me a significant discount.

The engineer cut out the dangerous wiring, hoovered up after himself, advised me on what other type of heating would be best for my flat, and even looked at websites to make sure I chose the right one. I’d definitely recommend UFh Services and their engineer to anyone else trying to find someone to do a decent, honest job.