Case Studies

We pride ourselves on the quality of the work we carry out for our customers, so their underfloor heating is back up and running as quickly as possible. We invite you to have a browse through the case studies on this page to see how we have previously helped our customers, so you can see some examples of our work first hand.

Amtico Flooring Case Study

On this occasion we were asked if we could locate and fix the underfloor heating in the customers lounge diner, which was the main source of heating for the home.

The system was an in-screed cable and was around eight years old. We located the area of damage, and carefully lifted a small section of the expensive Amtico floor covering, which was removed undamaged.

We then excavated the screed, to a depth of around 100mm and carried out the repairs to restore normal functioning of the heating. The system was then re-tested and found to be in good working order.

We then filled the hole with rapid drying latex and then the undamaged Amtico was glued back into place.

Polished Concrete Case Study

The customer got in touch with us and reported that when they switched on their electric underfloor heating system it caused the whole house electric system to trip. We were asked to locate the problem and fix whatever was causing this fault.

The cable itself was around 80mm set within the concrete and we found on this occasion that the cable end had failed. In this particular case it was clearly a manufacturing issue which had caused the problem.

We removed a very small section of the polished concrete and replaced the cable end. The system was then re-tested and found to be in a good working order once more.

Under Tile Case Study

Under tile heating is by far the most common system we fix faults for. Mostly, this type of damage will cause the electrical installation of the house to trip when the floor switches on.

After we locate the area in question we gently remove the tile, endeavouring to attempt the removal without breaking the tiles but often they can break up due to their fragile nature.

We then carry out the repair using an approved method and re-test the system. In some cases, we can re-validate the system and the repair should not void the warranty. This is totally dependent on the underfloor heating used by the customer.

The system is always re-tested and proved to be working once more.

Under Carpet Case Study

On this occasion we were asked to carry out a repair to the main source of heating for a customer’s bedroom which was underneath the carpet.

Finding a fault under carpet is by far one of the hardest tasks. We eventually found the point of damage however, rolled back a small area of carpet and excavated the floor screed.

The cable was around 140mm set into screed. The cable was repaired using an approved method and re-tested with no further problems found in the system. Finally, we repaired the hole using rapid set latex.