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To help you get the best service possible from our team we have put together some frequently asked questions to help you get an idea of how we might help you. If these FAQs don’t answer your question, or if you’d like to arrange a visit from an engineer, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

My floor has been repaired by a third party and it’s still not fixed! What Should I Do Next?



Do you repair wet system, underfloor heating?

I’m sorry, but we only carry our repairs to electrical underfloor heating systems.

Can all types of electric underfloor heating be repaired?

We can locate and repair all types of cable heating.

Does the tiling get damaged in the process?

We do our very best not to damage the tiles, but it normally does break.

How many tiles do you remove?

We can locate the damage down to within a few millimetres and normally only one tile needs to be removed.

Do you need a tiler to be present when repairing the electric underfloor heating?

No, we can remove the tile.

Can you locate the fault under Marble?

Yes we can, but due to the floor covering, the process takes longer.

The heating might run under the centre island in the kitchen, can you still repair the fault?

It’s highly unlikely we would not be able to find a solution to this type of problem.

My electrician says that it’s impossible to find the problem under the screed, is this true?

We use the most up to date fault finding equipment and imaging devices to ensure we are 100% sure we know where the issue is.

The underfloor heating tripped out our electric, can this be fixed?

Yes, we can locate and repair all types of electrical underfloor heating faults.

We have a foil system which is under wood, can this be repaired?

We have experience with this type of system and in the past have been able to locate the problem and find a solution.

We believe our thermostat is not working correctly as it’s showing an error notice, is our heated floor beyond repair?

No, a new thermostat and floor sensing probe may well be the answer.

We have engineered wood flooring over the top of our electric underfloor heating, can you locate the problem and repair?

Yes we can.

Our under carpet heating has failed and is tripping out the electrics, can you find and fix this problem?

Normally we don’t need to roll back the carpet until we have located the area, we then roll back to show the screed or latex floor and excavate to reveal the damaged cable then we carry out the repair.

Are your repairs guaranteed?

All work undertaken by UFH Services Ltd is guaranteed for 12 months.

Do you supply and install new thermostats?

Yes we can supply and install any type of thermostatic controller for your underfloor heating.

Do you cover our area?

UFH Services Ltd carries out repairs all around the UK.

Do you accept debit or credit cards?

Yes we accept most types of payment cards.

How long does the repair take?

Each fault can take a different amount of time depending on the complexity of the issues.

We have tested the underfloor heating system and it has no resistance, what can be done about this?

This is known as an open circuit, using our specialist equipment we will be able to find and repair the problem with the minimal disruption.

Our electrician has located a problem with our underfloor heating, and has told us we have an 'earth fault' which trips our RCD out, can this be repaired?

Yes we can locate the problem down to within a few millimetres and, with minimal damage, repair the system.

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